The Smartphone is the future.

Do not argue with me, just analyse how smartphones have improved in the last five years and how people are beginning to utilize their phones. Especially the camera. With the help 0f apps, you can do almost everything with your phone.

Let’s put aside all the accounting talks on assets and liability aka appreciation and depreciation. I get it a smartphone depreciates the minute you buy it.

It may, but it is also of tremendous value to those who can utilize it. Can your smartphone make more money for you? Yes. Can it act as a camera when can’t afford a good DSLR camera? Yes. That’s all it takes.

Why I Use My Smartphone To Document My Trips

  1. I am always on a budget: Aka, I am selectively broke. I can’t afford a great mirrorless yet and DSLRs are too bulky. Just imagine you enter a tourist attraction site with your DSLR, before you say He… They either tell you they don’t allow professional cameras or they charge you almost 10 times the price. At this stage, I can’t afford any extra fee.
  2. DSLRs are dramatic: I don’t see myself as one who would hold a DSLR for 4-5 hours straight! It is too bulky and it draws unnecessary attention to you.
  3. I am always with my smartphone: This has to be my most valid reason. It is my go to device for everything. I once told someone the reason I may never misplace my smartphone is because I feel connected to it. When its not in my bag, I can tell. It’s one of the first things I check for before leaving anywhere. I am almost sure that with my phone no moment would undocumented.
  4. Professional camera lenses are expensive: I am not prepared to spend on a lens except I am making money from it.
  5. I am awesome at mobile photography: Pardon my pride… But yea, I am awesome with smartphone cameras. I promised my photographer friends Chinedu and Dayo that I will document their wedding with my phone. After they laughed at my belief.
  6. Mobile phones allow updates in real time: I can take a photo of a moment and share it immediately with you. Isn’t that cool? Plus you can easily opt for other camera apps like boomerang, snapchat filters etc.
  7. I am not a photography pro yet: After all the rants. I speak the truth, I am not a professional. Yes, I can handle a DSLR but I don’t know jack about the physics involved. Till I am ready to be educated on the physics of photography, I am not getting a professional camera.

Are You Convinced That Smartphones Are Great? I Am

I constantly go into camera discussions with my Foto friends [as I call them] on the future of cameras, but this conversation ends the same way. They don’t believe a smartphone would in the future do all they say it can’t do now. Just like the history of computers, I know [strongly] that in the nearest future, smartphones will replace DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras or be as good.

Honestly, a smartphone camera is just another camera, its either you make it work or you don’t. With the right angles, light, speed. You will get the right photo.

I have been using the Samsung S7 for over a year now and it has served!!! If you can’t afford a DSLR, please your smartphone… It is as good as a low budget camera.

What device do you use in documenting your moments?